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5 Benefits of Hiring a K9 Unit

One of the most popular methods of on-site protection that we employ here at Marpol Security is our canine (or K9, if you prefer) units. Made up of a strong and agile guard dog, teamed with a trained and experienced security professional as their handler, they are an effective addition to any security package.

In this article, we’re going to discuss five ways that incorporating a canine unit into your security detail can help your business.

The Ultimate Deterrent

When putting together a security package, deterring a would-be intruder is always preferable to catching one in the act of breaking into your property. For a start, by the time they get in, they will already have damaged doors, windows, or some other part of the building in order to gain access.

In terms of deterrents, few things are more effective than a canine unit. The very presence of a guard dog is enough to make all but the most determined intruder think twice about trespassing.


Better Protection

Canine units are constantly on the move, patrolling the whole of your site several times during their shift. Even in the dark, they are an effective security presence, as the dogs sense of smell and hearing is so acute, they can spot and identify an intruder well before a human guard would. They will indicate to their handler that something is amiss, allowing them to quietly approach and confront any unwanted visitor.

Our dogs are highly-disciplined and will only run to intercept on a direct command from their handler (or if their handler is in trouble, of course), ensuring the safety of any staff members still on site after hours.


Crowd Control and Clearance

K9 units aren’t just used in manned security positions. We often employ them in situations where our clients are anticipating trouble or expecting large numbers of people. Guard dogs are great for keeping order among large crowds and particularly effective at dispersing trespassers from private property. This can include squatters, travellers, and other unwanted visitors.


An Effective Security Team

Canine units consist of a guard dog and a security guard, working in tandem throughout their shift. These teams are not put together at random. Both the dog and their handler have trained together, being put through their paces as a unit while undergoing their NASDU training (that’s the National Association of Security Dog Users).

This creates a deep bond between them, which is what makes them so effective as an on-site security presence. From the dog’s perspective, they’re not just protecting your property, they’re also protecting their best friend and pack-mate.


Ideal for open spaces

Guard dogs are particularly effective working in open plan spaces, such as construction sites, shopping centres, warehouses, airports, farms, parks, and so on. A regular security guard might spot someone acting suspiciously on the opposite side of the premises but, by the time they’ve run over to them, the culprit may have escaped.

A fully-trained guard dog can run at three times the speed of an average adult male, soon closing the distance and keeping the suspect pinned down until their handler can reach them.



If you think a canine unit might be the right solution for you and your business, contact Marpol Security today. You can reach us on 0808 562 7765, or send an email to info@marpol.co.uk.