Top Benefits of Hiring a K9 Unit

Top Benefits of Hiring a K9 Unit

These are some of the most significant benefits of having a K9 unit on your premises:

Cover more ground

A dog and handler can cover a greater area on their own than a small group of security guards can between them. Not only do guard dogs have greater speed and stamina than their human counterparts, but their training ensures they are totally focused during patrols.


An intimidating security solution

Guard dogs are an effective deterrent. Just the thought of being confronted by a speeding ball of hunched muscles and snarling teeth is enough to make any would-be intruder think twice.


An effective combination

Our K9 units work together in harmony, with the dog’s enhanced senses of smell and hearing complementing their handler’s security training and analytic skills. Our dogs only attack when instructed, unless their handler is directly threatened.


Everything you need

The well-being of our dogs is an essential consideration for our K9 units. If you don’t have facilities for them at your site, we have our own welfare vans, where they can be fed, watered, and taken for a break when needed.



K9 units represent great value for money, costing only a little more than a manned security solution. If your premises include wide open spaces or lots of ground to cover, they can be an essential addition to any security package.



If your site could benefit from one of our canine units, give Marpol Security a call today. You can reach us on 0808 5627 765 or send an email to to arrange a free consultation.