With more than a quarter of a century in the CCTV industry, we have a range of options available to our clients, from temporary surveillance solutions for time-specific engagements, to permanent installations. Here are just a few of our more popular services:

Marpol Security CCTV Systems

Remote CCTV monitoring and response solutions across the North West

The recent lock down by the UK government over the COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses across the country, and the North West is no exception. Many owners are finding their building standing empty round-the-clock for the first time and this is an understandable concern for them. At Marpol Security we provide a range of effective and affordable security solutions for our new and existing customers alike to help them get through this difficult time.

Remote CCTV monitoring solutions in the North West

All CCTV surveillance footage is fed back to one of our monitoring centres. Here our team of security experts keep watch on a rolling 24-hour basis. Should any of them spot an unwanted intruder on your premises, they will alert one of our mobile patrols to intercept and disperse them.

CCTV surveillance solutions in the North West

We are one of the North West’s leading security firms, and have assisted companies large and small with their CCTV surveillance needs for years. We cover Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside, and North Wales. No matter where your business premises are located, we can provide a remote CCTV monitoring solution to suit.

An effective substitute for manned security in the North West

Between the virus itself, government recommendations on self-isolation, and the recent lockdown of schools and colleges impacting on childcare, levels of staffing are down across the board. This includes in the security industry. Many companies that might otherwise have utilised their own manned patrols during this down period are unable to do so. Remote CCTV monitoring is an effective substitute for this.


A natural deterrent to criminals in the North West

While remote CCTV monitoring is a powerful security tool in its own right, during times of lockdown it serves a secondary purpose. With empty buildings at high risk, having your property clearly labelled as being under CCTV surveillance proves an effective deterrent.


If you have a business property in the North West that requires remote CCTV surveillance during this period of lockdown, call Marpol Security today.