Hand-tailored security packages available across Chester

Here at Marpol Security, we put together bespoke security solutions for our customers across the City of Chester and the surrounding suburbs. We provide a first-class security service for all our clients, covering everything from the initial consultation and risk assessment to the final implementation and regular reviews. Our highly-trained security personnel provide peace of mind to businesses and organisations as far afield as Bache, Blacon, Boughton, Curzon Park, Hoole, Queens Park, Saltney, Westminster Park, and beyond.


As the UKs leading security specialists, we have much to offer our clients in Chester. Here are some of our more popular services:

CCTV Monitoring & Response

At Marpol Security, we install state-of-the-art CCTV systems for businesses across Chester, each one designed to provide maximum coverage. They produce a digital feed that we monitor 24 hours a day, to ensure peace of mind.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrol units cover the whole of Chester and the surrounding areas, operating round the clock. They perform a range of routine tasks for our clients and also act as rapid-response in the event of a security breach.

Manned Guarding & Static Security

We provide SIA-licensed security guards for commercial buildings to provide on-site protection for your staff and customers during the day, or for your premises during the night.

Key Holding


Our key holders act as first point of contact for local emergency services and other trusted third parties. Their role is to attend your premises in the event of an incident and provide access where needing. They will also secure the building and compile a report once matters are resolved.


Alarm Response

Our alarm response staff can be at your property within minutes, any time of the day or night, should your security alarm be triggered. They will investigate the situation, secure the building, and liaise with any police presence.

Abandoned Cars

Have legal eviction notices applied within 48 hours and the car legally removed from your property within just 14 days.

Locking & Unlocking

Locking & Unlocking

If your building opens and closes at the same times each day, it can pose a potential risk from opportunistic criminals. We provide a locking and unlocking service, performed by fully-trained security professionals, to protect your staff and property.



If you are a public-facing business in Chester, make use of our front-of-house security staff. Not only will they prevent unwanted visitors from entering your place of work, they will also perform a wide range of receptionist duties for you.

Fire Marshals

Fire Marshals

Our fire marshals are responsible for minimising fire risks at your property. Their role includes performing risk assessments, training fire wardens, arranging fire drills, and putting together an effective evacuation process.

Void Properties

An empty building is a tempting target for local criminals. We can help protect your vacant properties from vandals, thieves, arsonists, squatters, and more, with regular inspections and robust security shutters and barriers.

Insolvency Practitioners

If you operate as an insolvency practitioner in Chester, we can help you secure your void buildings and assets. From boarding up and shuttering the properties, to installing CCTV and performing regular inspections, we have you covered.

Guard Dogs

Canine units are a popular security solution among our Chester customers. Our guard dogs and their handlers are all highly-trained and experienced and are a formidable deterrent against intruders.

Marpol SMAS Accreditation